Recruitment and Manpower Outsourcing

We are a people-focused consultancy business that specializes in finding the greatest talent and the most skilled people available on the job market for your business. Figgis and Blair has an extensive contact base and we are extremely thorough when screening and selecting candidates. The candidates that we put forth surpass in skill and professionalism all the other people that the best employers may select. Our services in this area are very popular and they always give our customers maximum satisfaction, despite the fact that this is a very competitive field. We can help you in a number of ways with our services that include:

  • Paying attention to your requirements in order to fill in a specific position with the best individual
  • Creating great content for advertising your offer on different platforms
  • Identifying the best candidate profiles on the market today
  • Advice on market trends and salaries
  • Legal advice concerning labor and recruitment legislation
  • We conduct interviews using in depth techniques
  • We put forth the best people after thorough screening and reference checking and compile letters of appointment
  • If you request it, we can test a candidate’s skills or psychometric traits and capabilities

Executive search

At a senior level of management, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Looking for the right candidate is a process that must be conducted with the utmost attention and care, because the right decision can be a huge boost for your company, one that will place you ahead of your competitors. Similarly, the wrong decision can be costly. What recommends us for finding the right people for you is not only the fact that we find the best candidates, but also that we are betting on our track record and credibility, that we’ve worked very hard to build.

At Figgis and Blair, we pride ourselves with representing you in the best manner possible and thus we are extremely selective about the people we offer these services to. We can’t afford to get it wrong, so you can rest assured that we will only come up with excellent solutions. Therefore, we build strong relationships with our clients, relationships based on respect, professionalism and integrity. If you wish us to assist you with this process, you get a guarantee of the most desirable outcome.



Finding the best specialists on the local and international market has been our focus for a long time. When it comes to executive and senior management, we work with the best of the best, not just because we have unparalleled databases, but also because we’ve confidentially targeted key people in every industry or sector. We know the right answers for you and we focus on finding the individual set of skills that will set apart the perfect candidate, the one that will bring in the most value for your company and will have the greatest positive impact on all levels. We constantly work on understanding who you are and what you need and we understand the pressure that comes with finding the right man for the job. We have worked with organizations that are small and we’ve also worked with blue-chip organizations when it comes to headhunting, so our experience recommends us.


Manpower Outsourcing

Figgis and Blair has a division dedicated to answer to the needs of businesses to make the most out of the operational and financial advantages outsourcing provides – our Employee Outsourcing Division. We wish to make human resources management as efficient and stress-free for your company as possible.

We bring to the table a creative system in which we have conveniently combined a wide range of human resources processes and came up with some unique outsourcing solutions for our customers. We can provide you with complete services, ranging from recruitment and hiring to placing and training your human capital, according to your requirements. Our services are prompt and we get it right on the first try. Furthermore, at Figgis and Blair we offer continuous support by taking care of our outsourced staff’s management: employment records, earnings, evolution and promotion, discipline, performance and more.